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Illustrations by: Erika Grimm 

Purpose: Curious Kiddos Educational Resources is a
non-profit corporation that strives to assist in the 
emotional healing of  children from the hardships that
have plagued the Appalachian region and are
spreading throughout the nation. Our children's books
and forthcoming programs will help children cope with
underlying real-world issues they struggle with in
everyday life, such as having a parent who has a
substance use disorder. All children of parents with a
substance use disorder suffer trauma whether they
show symptoms or not.  As we enter a new decade,
times change and our society evolves, our children
are facing emotional issues that are relatively 
under-served by society. 

With your donation we will print our first book The Letter!
With the profits from the books, we will print additional books
and develop programs!

Our Programs: Our goal is to emotionally heal children at a young age
provide them tools to form resiliency.  Then as a teenager offer an
opportunity to explore career options beyond their local area.


Elementary After School Program: First we would like to develop an 
school elementary program where children of parents with an
addiction, mental illnesses or situational issues receive individual counseling, group therapy, and
learn empowerment through Annie's stories. Our program will work with school counselors and their recommendations for student participation.

High School Summer Internship: Years into the initiative we would like to design a high school summer internship program where students will intern for a company in a nearby city.  Kids will be able to learn what opportunities are available outside of their community. 


Through your support we are hopeful we can give children confidence that WE care about their struggles and
although times may be difficult, they are loved and should not fall into the pits of hopelessness.

There is a light among the despair and we need to encourage them to walk toward it. 

Most of all, you will give them Hope!


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