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Our Books

"Feed your soul by feeding the souls of others with love, kindness and compassion."

~Daniela Nikolova

"The Letter" of Annie's Appalachian Adventures
Our first published book, The Letter was written to help children grasp the idea
of a substance use disorder as an illness and guides the reader to overcome shame.
In this book Annie receives a letter from her mother, who is livin
g in a
rehabilitation center due to her substance use, while Annie resides with her
grandparents. Annie learns courage from her mother's 
choice to seek help
and in turn seeks help for her issues. This strength based book helps a child
understand what is happening with their parent while striving to empower the reader(s).
Like all of our books, this one ends with a coping skill for the reader to master. 

"Blueberry Ice Cream" of Annie's Appalachian Adventures
Our second book explains difficult topics like stereotype and discrimination
while instilling empathy and empowerment. Annie, the main character in the Annie's
Appalachian Series, has a sleepover with her friend Hope. After eating blueberry ice
cream late at night she goes to school to discover that only she and Hope are not
blue and the kids call her "Vanilla" and Hope "Chocolate". After reading the story
and completing the lesson plans, treat your children to a blueberry ice cream social.
Also, have the kids make their own colorful treat to align with the lesson theme
“Because we are different, we share a beautiful array of colors”.

Training Support for Professionals:
Empowerment through Storytelling with a Social/Emotional Lens
can be presented in-person or virtually. The training includes some of the latest
research about childhood trauma, ACEs, along with how teachers can regulate their students,
and a model how to read "The Letter" and know what questions children may ask.  
Lastly, we will cover an overview of the six lesson plans that accompany the story. 

Rehabilitation Session:
This session offers a powerful experience for parents who are overcoming a substance use disorder with "The Letter".
During this time, Mrs. Evans will talk about her life, explain why she wrote the book, and the model how to
read "The Letter" for parents. Her open and honest dialogue helps participants to relax and share their voice.
Previously, many of the participants from this session had been grateful for their copy of the book and had
it personally signed. A common statement after the session was, "I can't wait to facetime and read this to my child".

Gale House in Maryland Testimonials:

"It was amazing. I think the older letter is perfect for my child."

"I would love the book about diversity. You are giving kids information in words they can understand."

"Mental health aspect is so important. It leads into addiction. Hearing about kids going out and shaking a bottle and
then having other kids come running was heartbreaking."


"It was such a powerful story. She and the book touched my heart."

"Hannah did not let her background affect her path."

"She had all of us crying."

"It was a heart-warming experience."

"I really want the new book. My children are bi-racial. I know they would appreciate Blueberry Ice Cream."

"Hannah writes in a way that makes it teachable and understandable."

"I would love to have Hannah come back."

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