Our Books

"Feed your soul by feeding the souls of others with love, kindness and compassion."

~Daniela Nikolova

Each book provides the reader with an emotional or moral value. 
The books end with a user-friendly coping strategy. 

The Letter was written to help children grasp the idea of a substance use disorder 
as an illness and how to overcome shame. In this book Annie receives a letter
from her mother, who is living in a
rehabilitation center due to her substance use,
while Annie resides with her grandparents. Annie learns courage from her mother's
choice to seek help and in turn seeks help for her issues. This strength based 
book helps a child understand what is happening with their parent while striving
to empower the reader. 

Future Titles in the Pipeline:
Mawmaw's Love focuses on the concept of resiliency and how Annie can weather
any storm. Her grandmother uses the characteristics of an acorn as an analogy to
instill Annie 
with strong will. 

My Backyard explains that no matter where you live one can make any space an
adventure by using your imagination and putting down the electronics. The story
strives to alter the negative impression "living in the middle of nowhere.”

Full Smiles focuses on the history of the “hillbilly” stereotype and emphasizes the means in which children can understand and overcome this persona.

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