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About Curious Kiddos

"It is easier to build strong children than fix broken men"

-Frederick Douglas

Our children are silently hurting, while there are programs out there offering help, we feel more can be done to address the mental turmoil children are facing today. 


This does not affect one child, or a few children, but thousands of children residing in the Appalachian area.  While the number of high-poverty counties has been declining, the median household income is still 82.5% less than the U.S. average stated by ARC. Pockets of extreme poverty still exist which leads to an increase in mental illness, diseases, divorce rates, often leading to despair. For more information visit the Appalachian Regional Commission


The current Opioid Crisis combined with high levels of poverty has resulted in grandparents struggling to raise their grandchildren or worse yet, children raising themselves. According to, Opioids in America, "by 2017, the death rate for opioid overdoses in Appalachian counties was 72% higher than that of non-Appalachian counties."

You are probably well aware of the statistics,
now let's do something about it.

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Our Cause: Annie's Appalachian Adventures book series and the planned subsequent programs directly address the emotional needs of children whose parents struggle with drugs, poverty, and emotional struggles. With this program, we hope to stop the cycle of emotional neglect in children who may fall through the cracks.

Schools and other agencies struggle to find resources that mirror children's experiences along with coping skills to process their challenges.  Annie's Appalachian Adventures addresses the problem.


Our goal is to build strong children who have a positive self-esteem, can problem solve emotional issues, and strive to find individual success in their lives. 

"The stories encourage children to seek emotional support from caring adults and peers. Through creative and thoughtful dialogue, Evans' readers are reminded to take care of themselves and to communicate their feelings, thoughts, and problems to foster healthy relationships, self esteem, and resiliency. Evans uses sensitive insight, age appropriate language, and empathetic storytelling to handle a tough topic." 

Abigail Reichart, Certified School Counselor
K-12 and Certified Addiction Counselor

Pathway for Hope


Launch The Letter as part of Annie's Appalachian Adventures Series to promote coping skills and positive self-worth in children ages 7-9 years old


Release 2nd Book of Annie's Appalachian Adventure series


Spread the word of Annie via school visits, book readings, online promotion, etc.

2030 or Sooner
Design an elementary after school program providing individual and group counseling for children of addicts and developmental struggles

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