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Our Progress

"Stand for something or you will fall for anything. 
Today's mighty oak is yesterday's nut that held its ground."
                                                                                            -Rosa Parks

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Please note the activities outlined in the image are subject to change. 

Our Progress Since 2020

Summer 2022

Recipient of the Rural Communities Opioid Response Grant
Collaborating with West Virginia organizations to 
disperse over 600 books and provide readings/trainings

Organizing book tour through Fayette County, PA public libraries 

Gaining sponsorships of two PA Drug and Alcohol Commissions and book purchases

Begun sourcing of illustration samples for 2nd book, Blueberry Ice Cream

Volunteering for the 7th Annual Central PA Writers and Illustrators Summer Camp 

Spring 2022

Connected with Dr. Sheppard through West Virginia University

Planning and organizing patch with Girls Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania 

Featured in Editorial in Charleston Gazette and The Voice Magazine

Began storyboarding 2nd book, Blueberry Ice Cream


Fall/Winter 2021-2022

Collaborating with York College of Pennsylvania to create Evidence Based Measures (Pre/Post Survey)

Volunteering for Collaboration with Youth and testing lessons 

Built relationships with Pennsylvania State agencies

Speaker at Pennsylvania State Post-Psycho Symposium


Summer 2021

Published The LetterPrinted 320 books


Created lesson plans for The Letter


Read book to over 200 children through the Energy Express Program, WV

Interviewed on Good Day PA Morning Show 

Made connections with various organizations to spread the news


Winter/Spring 2021-2020

Founded Curious Kiddos Educational Resources, Inc., 503(c) nonprofit corporation 

Setup taxes, copyright certifications

Began illustrations of The Letter

Built websites and

Raised funds from private donors (exceeding $5,000)

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